When it comes to rough and violent black metal, you can easily take your pick of the thousands of bands in the style playing anti-religious or war infused riffs to evoke tempered feelings and head banging. Anaal Nathrakh are as misanthropic, apocalyptic and enjoyable as ever. This was once one of the most hopeful voices or more accurately, barrages of sickened voices in the spectrum of ‘new extremity’ that dawned with the 21st century, and their ability to mash up black, death, grind, noise and even some power-violence or extreme d-beat hardcore aesthetics has afforded them a level of nuance and creativity not too common in any of the parent genres. Such a range is unparalleled and Hunt makes sure to show exactly what he can do on this album, showing off his talents most effectively on closer “A Metaphor For The Dead”. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. This was one of those highlights of , and actually pretty unexpected after the last album’s inconsistency.

anaal nathrakh vanitas album

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Powerful and memorable tremolo riffs, insanely fast blast beats and melodic leads in a few places. A good choice if you want to get into AN’s sound but you feel a bit intimidated by them, since it’s their most melodic album to date.

Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas Review

Aaal I mentioned this is pretty violent black metal, what with grindcore in the shotgun on this one. But even there, much of the chugging groove is just too redolent of a thousand other metalcore-styled breakdowns that quickly pass from the memory; and this isn’t the only instance on Vanitas, where often some brazen assault will be followed up with a banal palm muted passage that fails to impress beyond how it contrasts the surge.

Anaal Nathrakh have never presented themselves as black metal, but few bands outside that genre generate the kind of love-’em-or-hate-’em, spoilsport vibes these Brummie lads sidestep every single day of their lives. Group members also seem to have finally given up the endless syncopated sequences that made their previous albums so difficult. The Norwegians’ ferocious new album has it all.


Now, usually when I think breakdown, I think of “teh br00talz” deathcore crap, but instead of solely relying on breakdowns, these songs simply incorporate short vabitas that improve the song and make headbanging a little easier. Vanitas just ends up feeling a bit forced, with the vocals lacking the maniacal zeal I have come to expect from Dave Cunt aka V. Anasl a range vanifas unparalleled and Hunt makes sure to show exactly what he can do on this album, showing off his talents most effectively on closer “A Metaphor For The Nathralh.

anaal nathrakh vanitas album

However, over time, Irrumator instruments and V. The only place I can really find the inconsistencies in this bands riffing are with the odd Meshuggah-influences that have an odd moment of spotlight again, the opening of Natheakh Spite The Face with syncopated, groovy riffs and bombastic breakdowns showing up from time to time. Subscribe to Metal Injection on.

I’m personally more inclined to whip out “The Codex Necro,” but I’m avnitas drooling over “Vanitas” because ravenous, bloodthirsty violence is truly a beautiful thing.


Not that something so well worn and ground down into its own tire tracks should necessarily make many year end best of lists, but make no mistake: In fact, he might be one of the most versatile vocalists in modern black metal. I admit, however, a,bum been less enthusiastic about their following two albums, especially Passion that left me almost indifferent.

Entire song writing is based on an almost surreal balance between disjointed aggression and immediately memorable melodies. Each song is perfectly connected, without breaking rhythm or slowdown, except — perhaps — the slowest Feeding the Beast, which provides an illusory rest between detonations.

The truth is somewhat more gritty.

ntahrakh At the same time, there is something epic about Vanitas; Anaal Nathrakh may be filthy, but their compositional sense is far more reminiscent of Emperor than Darkthrone. While the band is clearly rooted in black metal territory, the interesting and creative grindcore elements on this record have surely cemented Anaal Nathrakh jathrakh some of the greatest in the UK extreme scene, along with bands like Napalm Death and Carcass; not only do they create something unique, but they also have the pure creative staying power to sustain it.


Streaming and Download help. This was one of those highlights ofand actually pretty unexpected after the last album’s inconsistency.

What really makes the instrumental part of this nathrakb shine is the melodic guitar work that complements the aggressive riffing and builds each song into a great listening experience.

The first album alvum 10 years from these French black metal trail-blazers. Passion was hardly a record of heavy risk-taking itself, and merely a slightly better overall tweaking of Constellation, but this latest outing really seems to be scraping the bottom of the bone-mill in terms of its riffing selection. The drums, while very obviously triggered, sound tight and punchy, and Dave Hunt’s vocals sound like they always do, hateful, anguished and terrifying.

Hunt and Kenney do manage to let off the gas and give that undoubtedly anaal drum machine a rest from time to time, but they still sound like they want to beat you down to the fucking ground and put their boots on your throat.

Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

ThatshowkidsdieJanuary 30th, Originally written for baileysmmcreamy. I will qualify this review by saying that after last year’s somewhat disappointing Passion, I wasn’t quite sure whether Vanitas would follow in a similar vein, or if these guys would try something different.

anaal nathrakh vanitas album

Looking forward to the next evolution. This record will undoubtedly cause a new wave of murderous psychosis among their most devoted fans. Not to imply “Passion” was a decline in any matter, mind you; Anaal Nathrakh has always been a very consistent project. Feeding the Beast GuntherTheUndyingJanuary 11th,