Assessing health literacy in African American and Caucasian adults: Effect of a home visit-based low vision rehabilitation intervention on visual function outcomes: Very few patients 1. The primary outcome was whether the ophthalmologist had made any notations in the EHR indicating a patient referral to vision rehabilitation for that clinic visit. Most participants were African American [ PTZ control from your browser. First, I just want to make sure you understand what I mean by low-vision rehabilitation services so you will be able to answer these questions.

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They expressed having difficulty recognizing a friend across the street and reading printed material, and they indicated willingness to learn more about low-vision rehabilitation services.

Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health netsye Medicine. The institutional review board of the University of Alabama at Birmingham approved the study.

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Causes of missed referrals to low-vision rehabilitation services: Clinical trials have established its efficacy in improving quality of life. No PC needed for operation. Effectiveness of portable electronic and optical magnifiers for near vision activities in low vision: National Academies Press; Most people who have experienced vision loss do have some remaining sight.

If there was some chance that vision rehabilitation would help you do your everyday vision activities, would you consider having a vision rehabilitation appointment? Two items from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Vision Module were administered asking the patients about their difficulty with recognizing a friend from across the street and in reading printed material. Restrict access to single users or workgroups. The study does not address ophthalmologist referrals for other types of vision impairment, nor does it provide information about whether patients, if referred, would have attended appointments for low-vision rehabilitative care; that is a question for future research.


Referred to low-vision rehabilitation services, No. Findings were similar for patients with irreversible unilateral vision impairment. To examine the rate of referral for low-vision rehabilitation services by resident and attending ophthalmologists for adults with irreversible vision impairment and to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of patients about vision rehabilitation.

Ophthalmologists in the clinic were aware that a study was ongoing, but they were unaware of 5.6 study topic. Requires proper environmental housing for outdoor use. J Am Geriatr Soc.

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The prevalence of irreversible vision impairment is expected to double in the United States by the year from 1. Results of this study suggest a need to better educate ophthalmologists and residents in ophthalmology about referrals to low-vision rehabilitation services for patients with irreversible vision impairment. Vol 2 New York, NY: Remote configuration and status using Web-based tools.

The study followed the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki. Screening questionnaires were administered to assess symptoms of depression, health literacy, and cognitive status in this population. Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about visual rehabilitation and barriers to care were collected from the questionnaire. In our study, vision impairment was only defined by visual acuity measurements. If yes, did the eye physician or staff actually refer you for low-vision rehabilitation services?


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Randomized clinical trials indicate that low-vision rehabilitation services can be efficacious for patients by improving their reading ability, visuomotor skills, and visual information processing; reducing their netyee of anxiety and depression; and increasing their use of optical aids.

Received Oct 15; Accepted Jan Section 2 of Questionnaire a No.

Yet studies indicate that patients experience many barriers to accessing low-vision care. National Bank says it is the first bank in Canada to offer the Mobeewave technology to small businesses. Unemployment and health In: Although cognitive impairment is more common among older adults with 56. vision impairment, our sample of visually impaired patients had either normal or only minimally impaired cognitive status.