Page for developer collaboration , enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on ToolTipPlugin contributed by the TWikiCommunity. E dit A ttach. If the value is an empty string ” , the fontsize of the tooltip body is applied. Use 0 for no delay. Feedback is welcome, of course! Recommend are ‘solid’ default , ‘dashed’ or ‘dotted’, others may not work in all browsers. Font size of title text.

wz tooltip.js file

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May even contain HTML, which gives you additional freedom in fashioning the titlebar. Email Required, but never shown. Text to display, in single quotes.

Square-bracketed array of two integers. Post as a guest Name.

Enables the user to fixate the tooltip, by just clicking onto the HTML element e. Sniipe 73 2 2 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. The width of the tooltips wzz adapted automatically. Vertical offset from the mouse-pointer.

The same is true for commands passed to Tip or TagToTip listing and description of commands see below.

ToolTipPluginDev < Plugins < TWiki

Regard the following irregularities: In other words, a negative value makes tooltip hide with some delay, rather than immediately. Vertical offset from the mouse-pointer. Inner spacing of tooltip, between border and content.


wz tooltip.js file

If you want to use different sets of images, you can also specify the image path and sizes for each tooltip individually via commands.

Aligns the text in the titlebar. They can be passed to the Tip or TagToTip function calls in the onmouseover eventhandlers.

Enclosed with single quotes. These extensions plugins provide additional commands and functionalities to customize the look dz behaviour of tooltips.

Text in the closebutton. Old Version For those who are still using a version prior to v.

Including the script at the beginning of the body section ensures that the tooltips are almost immediately functional, before loading the page has been finished. Especially in IE, page loading performance might benefit from disabling the auto-hide feature.

DHTML JavaScript Tooltips

Positions the tooltip above the mousepointer. This might help the user to read the tooltip more conveniently. Note that the corner images lt. Use 0 for no delay.

Single quotes apostrophes inside the tooltip text flie must be masked with a backslash. This is advantageous in some aspects: If you like, you can customize these crossbrowser JavaScript Tooltips and their behavior in multiple ways.


Highlighted background, while the button is being hovered 4. It specifies a durationin milliseconds, starting with the onmouseout until the tooltip is hidden.

wz tooltip.js file

Positions the tooltip above the mousepointer. When it touches the bottom or top window boundary, the tooltip jumps vertically to the other side of the mouse.

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Javascript applet called by Plugin. Hilighted text color, while the button is being hovered For each of these colors, you can also specify an empty string ”in which case the title background, or title text color, respectively, is yooltip.js for that button state.

Note the nice automatic width and height adaption!